For those of us who have carpeting in our homes or offices keeping their great condition requires more than just vacuuming on a regular basis. Your carpet is a very large investment, contaminants such as dirt, grime, pet dander and others can be abrasive and wear down the fibers of your carpet.  Manufactures recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least three times a year, even more frequent if you deal directly with public in your business, pets, kids or elderly people at home.


A clean carpet will keep you and the ones you care about healthy.

Carpets attract and store dust, bacteria, contaminants and allergens. Even if you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, which is a must, especially if you have indoor pets or heavy traffic areas, vacuuming only can do so much, it only removes heavy weigh dirt and particles from the surface. Commercial deep cleaning machines like ours go deep into the fibers to kill the germs that can cause respiratory problems and other illnesses.

Increase the Life and improve the looks of your carpets.

If you are a business owner you want your potential clients to come to a place that looks as professional as the product or service you provide. A stained or soiled carpet reflects poorly on your business. If you are a home owner with young kids, friends or family members who bring over young kids, not to mention our beloved pets, you know that your carpet is subject to heavy traffic, accidents and spills.

A professional deep cleaning can improve the appearance of your carpet and protect your investment, untreated stains with time become permanent, so why no extend the life cycle of your carpet. New carpets are expensive, save money and the hassle and mess of the installation.


At floors carpet cleaning, we only use powerful truck mount machines, which deep clean the carpets using Steam Extraction Method, where pressurized hot water is injected into carpet from a cleaning wand connected to a high-power vacuum motor that immediately extracts the cleaning solution, dirt, debris and stains from your carpets. Your carpets will be cleaner and healthier than ever.





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